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No international tourists in September.

The governor of Bali announced that it will not open for International tourism yet. The translation of the announcement is in the document.

They are focussing two things simultaneously in Indonesia (bullet 4); firstly better handling the Covid-19 bearing in mind that there is not yet a medicine or a vaccination. Secondly, start activities and efforts to recover the economy for the community livelihood.

There were three phases announced a while ago by the governor in the second phase the domestic tourism started, which is currently the case. In phase 3 the planning was to have international tourists again from September 11th, which is a good dat in the Balinese religion.

The Indonesian government in Jakarta is not planning to open the borders for International tourists in September and possibly not until end of this year. So the governor will focus until end 2020 on domestic Indonesian tourists.

For the Bali Sea Villas this means that we are of course open, we never actually closed. But since international guests are currently not able to enter into Indonesia we will focus on Indonesian guests or International guest which are currently in Indonesia.

Read the full statement of governor Koster: Bali Prov announcement August 22 – 2020 Bali Tourism closure (ENG)