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U3-U4 Jl. Mawar, Lokapaksa, Seririt, Buleleng, 81153 Bali Indonesia

Our journey to find the perfect luxury beach villa in Bali!

At that time we had a eureka moment, we should go to Bali. A fantastic holiday location for families but also great for people who would like to stay for more extended periods. Maybe we would do the same when we have more time next to our busy family with three teenage daughters. We love the Island, especially the North which is a bit more untouched but still plenty to do.

And now the adventure starts, on November 21 I will fly to Bali to look at properties in the North, on the beach and some in the hills. We will put our guest central on the journey because we would like to give them an unforgettable stay and sometimes in the year we will indulge ourselves in the luxury of a private oceanfront villa. In this blog, I would like to share some of our experiences. I am not a professional writer, my mother tongue is Dutch, but I will write in English. So more people could read about my journey, and possibly learn something from my experiences and hopefully not too many mistakes 😉 My wife Corry would write as well and feel free to ask questions or post suggestions.

We are in search of a beachfront villa in Bali for our future guests. That is the core challenge for the coming months. It is quite a bold statement, not a property for my family and me but for our future guests. Maybe I should explain it a bit. I like Bali, my wife Corry does also, but we have not been on the Island for around 18 years. It was the year before we married. Still, we never forgot Bali and Indonesia, since my mother was born there I always feel a connection.

Now we were looking for an investment property in Asia and started looking at Bangkok for a condominium to rent out through Airbnb for all tourists who would like their oasis, with a swimming pool in a buzzing city. That did not work out, since renting out an apartment was not allowed in Thailand, although it happens a lot. Then we thought about what kind of guest we would like to serve? And thinking about it; we were enthusiastic about families who would want to relax and unwind from busy lives for a few days or weeks, but also at people who would like to stay for a longer time to enjoy a more quiet lifestyle or would like to escape colder winters.