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U3-U4 Jl. Mawar, Lokapaksa, Seririt, Buleleng, 81153 Bali Indonesia

Garden upkeep cutting the palm trees

the garden team is cutting palm trees today

Last week there were heavy winds in Bali and Monic was worried about some palm trees which were very close to Villa Bidadari. Today we cut six palms with our gardener’s team and some tree specialists.  Quite a lot of work, luckily nothing fell on a person or a house.

We will replant some coconut palms and probably also some fruit trees like mango, banana, and papaya.

Open for Bookings

We expect that Indonesia and Bali will open soon for visitors. We already had many Indonesian guests. Currently, there is no tourist visa but with vaccination starting in many countries the situation will be different in a few months.

Many guests already booked for this summer. There are many benefits to having a vacation in your own private villa, away from the busy south, in a stunning location, which will be cleaned daily is one of the best places to start traveling again. When you have any questions let us know.