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U3-U4 Jl. Mawar, Lokapaksa, Seririt, Buleleng, 81153 Bali Indonesia

Villa Cahaya scores 9.9 from our guests

Villa Cahaya - Bali Sea Villas-01

Today we received an announcement from Villa Cahaya received a traveler review award with a score of 9.9, we are very proud and would like to thank our guests and our wonderful team at the Bali Sea Villas.

In the announcement is stating:

The Traveler Review Award recognizes your efforts to provide outstanding hospitality despite all the challenges of the past year. That hard work helped guests make the most of the trips they could take. The exceptional review scores you earned show how much they appreciated it – and so did we.


You could check at Villa Cahaya 

We also would like to thank our whole team at the Bali Sea Villas.

Corry & Onno