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U3-U4 Jl. Mawar, Lokapaksa, Seririt, Buleleng, 81153 Bali Indonesia

The search continued….

Our search

This is a summary of our search activities for our perfect villa in the North of Bali close to Lovina Beach. I traveled a few times to Bali to meet some real estate agents. There are a few in Bali more specialized in the North. We ended up with Peter from Bali Property Real Estate. But there some other Dutch agents as well which I could recommend.

We decided to go for a beachfront villa and not one in the mountains. At first, we looked at the Air Sanih area. There were many villas for sale at very reasonable prices. The downside of this location was that there is no real beach the villas were more oceanfront and at the back, there was a busy road. What I liked that the area is very authentic and there were many warungs and nice villas with very friendly staff.

Focus on lovina area

The other area I focused on was West of Singaraja until Umeanyar, this is the wide the Lovina area (which consists of 7 villages). The Lovina tourist area stretches over 8km and consists of a string of coastal villages – Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, and Tukad Mungga – collectively known as Lovina. The main focus is Kalibukbuk, 10.5km west of Singaraja, and the heart of Lovina. Our goal was to find an absolute beachfront Villa which was suitable for our family and the holiday rental market.

To make a long story short, Onno made a shortlist of 3 villas 2 (actually 3 since one property was only for sale when you buy 2 villas) in the Lovina area and 1 close to Air Sanih. in May 2019 we went with the whole family (Corry and our 3 teenage daughters) to check the villas ourselves. We rented them all for a few days so we could check the location and get to know the staff.

We have decided

At the end of our trip on May 9th, we decided to go for the option of 2 villas the Bali Sea Villas in Lokapaksa/Seririt 20 minutes by scooter to Lovina. For us, we felt at home there and it such a beautiful spot. The only negative we could find was that the access road is a bumpy agricultural road, let’s say an authentic road. But the location is so stunning and the villa’s as well and it is still easy to drive with the scooter of car. So we decided to start the negotiations later that month.

Buying a villa in Bali in a legal way is quite a challenge, that is where Peter helped us a lot. We had to start up a villa business with a local limited structure a PT PMA. Again there is a lot to say about this, but if you would like to know more just send us an e-mail.

Legal ownership

In July 2019 we were the prowed owners of the PT Bali Beach Villas the limited company which owns the Bali Sea Villas. We kept all the existing staff and offered them a new job in our company. They proved to be fantastic, taking really good care of our guests, the beautiful garden and the villas.

The final 3 and the family trip