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U3-U4 Jl. Mawar, Lokapaksa, Seririt, Buleleng, 81153 Bali Indonesia

Updating Villa Bidadari

In 2019 we updated Villa Cahaya with plasterwork and paint, also we invested in both villas in new dining tables, towels, beach towels, bed linen, and other necessities.

This year we were planning to paint and plaster Villa Bidadari in November and block the reservations for that month, then Covid-19 came. As you can all imagine this changed the bookings and also the perspective.

We decided two months ago to update villa Bidadari already in May since there were no guests at the moment and it would also help the village workers to earn income. It is quite a challenge to decide this since we are not able to travel to Bali due to the travel restrictions. Lucky for us, we have Monic and a fantastic team which organizes everything. We already knew the builders, since they dit Villa Cahaya. In a few days, the plaster and painting are all done. Here you will see some of the photo’s which Monic made.